Requires pip, selenium for python, pyvirtualdisplay,python 2.7, youtube-dl, vlc

All of the abovecan be installed by the following commands:

sudo apt install youtube-dl
sudo apt-install vlc
sudo apt install python-pip
pip install selenium
pip install pyvirtualdisplay


Clone this repository:

git clone

Change the permissions for youtube-cli:

chmod 755 youtube-cli

Add chromedriver to the system path:

sudo cp chromedriver /usr/local/bin

That should set up the project

you can optionally add youtube-cli to the system path as well:

sudo cp youtube-cli /usr/local/bin


Run youtube-cli along with the search term:

./youtube-cli "hello world"

If you have added youtube-cli to the system path, you can use:

youtube-cli "hello world"

After displaying the results, you will get a console.