Back Projection Package


Author - Riddhi Mandal


To install this package, clone this repository.

git clone

Dependencies -

(Each of the aforementioned packages might have their own dependencies which might need to be installed. Please read the installation instructions carefully for each package)


This is the Root directory for back projection. To do back projection for any earthquake, you need to follow two steps:

  1. Run preprocessing scripts present in the directory 1_preprocessing
  2. Run the actual calculation scripts present in 2_processing

The directories are numbered in the order that the data needs to be processed. Each of these directories also have a detailed readme inside. To start, go into 1_preprocessing and follow the instructions in the readme.

This package also comes with an example. A seed file for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake is provided with this package, along with all the output files and input parameters. You can find these in the examples directory. A readme is also provided with the example with clear instructions on the steps to be followed.

NOTE: If you cloned or downloaded the package, the files might not have the correct permissions to run. To correct that, run the following command from the root back_projection directory

find . -type f -exec chmod 777 {} \;